Sunday, 14 August 2011

How to Measure your Premium Beautiful size

There are 4 measurements to be made for any purchase of Premium Beautiful corset which are (all measurement must be in CM):

1. Bust: measure your peak (puncak)

2. Underbust: measure your under bust (bawah dada)

3. waist: measure your waist (pinggang)

4. hip: measure your hip (punggung)

Ensure that the measurements are not loose (longgar) so u'll get the perfect sizes of ur corset :)

Provide all of the measurements to me, and I'll convert them to your Premium Beautiful nyer size...:) As simple as that.

Kalau nak suruh i measure pon boleh. Just give me a call, yer. Kalau yang tinggal jauh, you can ask me to send your set of Premium Beautiful yer...:)

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