Sunday, 14 August 2011

Payment Plan for Premium Beautiful

For those who are interested to purchase Premium Beautiful, i'm offering 3 payment plans, which are:
*Full cash

*Credit Card

For cash installment, the installment plan is as below:
2x byr: rm1000/ mth
3x byr: rm800 1st mth, rm600 for 2nd and 3rd mth
4x byr: rm600 1st mth, rm500/mth for another 3 mth 
5x byr: rm600 1st mth, rm400/mth for another 4 mth
6x byr: rm500 for 1st mth, rm340/mth for another 5 mth
8x byr: rm300/mth for the 1st 7 mth, rm200 for final mth
12x byr: rm200/ mth

Basically, the longer u pay, the price will be more but not exceeding the normal price :)

Anyway, i just nak share to those yang rasa-rasa tak mampu nak bayar secara full or credit card, i have plan pembayaran Premium Beautiful secara installment melalui RHB Easy. Yer, dah namer pon easy, memang senangggggggg sangat....:)

I would suggest you go for 12 months or 18 months.

You can visit RHB Kiosk at any Tesco Outlets, LRT stations. Senang jer...:) Just bring you IC and no documentation required.

Kalau ada cash and credit card lebih baik :) Whatever it is, the choice is yours...:)

Whatever it is, you may call / sms me: 019-2665590 or email me at:

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