Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Awesome weekends!!!

Hi uols...How was your weekend aritu? Mesti ramai yg pergi open house kawan2 and family kan...tak kurang juga yg balik kampung sbb last friday kan public for me, awien dpt few invitations for open house as well as apa lg mmg asyik makan dan makannnnnnnnnn je la alhamdulillah berat tetap maintain walaupon within that 3 days, awien g few open house and weddings... Haaa nak tahu kenapa? Lactolite and Premium Beautiful la rahsianye...FYI, during that 3 days, awien x miss langsung minum lactolite in the morning and pakai Premium Beautiful...sebab tu la berat bole maintain.... :)

So sape2 yg nak cube Lactolite and Premium Beautiful, PM me now k at 019-2665590. Belum cube belum tahu. Dah cube mesti jatuh cinta punye la...CONFIRM :)

So here are some of my pictures taken during the open house and weddings :)

Final check before take off.. :)

Sya and myself at Wani's open house @ Putrajaya

Atfy's Wedding @ Crystal Crown, Klang

Nina, Sya and myself

with my leader in Premium Beautiful bisness, Ismalina and 2 of our best friends and PB customers :) cik aliaa and cik nynna...selim melim giteww

us @ cik aliaa's open house

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  1. Laaa lupa aku nk amek gambar dgn awin & sya... Hehehehhe BTW TQ for coming dear...