Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Losing Inches but NOT Losing Weight

Because so many of us want to lose weight, at any given moment, most of us know how much we weigh. Most of us even have a favorite scale (i have my own scale too..hehe), the favorite being the one that gives us the lowest number possible. We talk about weight, think about weight and, sometimes, lie about weight, but how often do we think about what that number means?

For too many of us, weight isn't just a number but something that can actually change how we feel about ourselves. But, what does your weight really mean and how useful is it when it comes to tracking weight loss progress? Learning the answers to those questions may just have you tossing out your scale forever. ..

Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss
When you talk about losing weight, what you usually mean is slimming down. But slimming down doesn't always mean losing weight. It may sound odd, but it's possible to get thinner without actually seeing a change in your weight. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight may stay the same, even as you lose inches, a sign that you're moving in the right direction. But, if the scale doesn't change, you may not even be aware that you're getting real results. Knowing the difference between losing weight and losing body fat can change how you get results and may even change how you look at your own body.

My Transformation:

The NEW me :)

My secret:
1. Consistently wearing Premium Beautiful corset everyday for 8 hours.
2. Jogging every weekend @ Taman Titiwangsa.
3. Balance diet and drink a lot of water.

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