Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Srikandi Tun Fatimah Dinner 2012 :)

Salam all..

just a quick updates..
last weekend, Team Fabulosity opened a booth at the Srikandi Tun Fatimah Dinner Duchess Place Kuala Lumpur :) Actually it was my leader, Ismalina Ishak who successfully secured the booth since she is one of Tun Fatimah srikandis'..(not me..i'm an ex-maresmart)..with the help of the other team members (Yati, Syikin and Su), alhamdulillah we managed to prepare the booth just on time :) Atually the plan for this booth tersangatlah last minute..but because i have experience in opening booth before this (during PAU 2011 and Charity Bazaar 2012), hence Ismalina Ishak put 100% trust on me to be in charge of this booth :) i'm so so so happy coz my leader trust that i can do it..terharu pun ada juga...

the booth started from 6pm onwards..we were promoting /
 selling the ever luxurious, Superbrands -> Premium Beautiful Corset (we have FREE FITTING and SIZE CONSULTATION) and Biozone Food Purifier (we have FREE DEMO!!!)...we offered 

Super Special price for fellow Srikandi's 

plus yang minat nak beli telekung Aksha from Mia Mikhail Collection pun boleh tengok and order there :)

alhamdulillah ramai srikandi tun fatimah visited our booth...alhamdullilah sikandi2 ni sudi mendengar our explanation/presentation on our products..since semua pun perempuan, jadi tugas kitorang lebih senang..senang in terms of nak share problems and testimonials products :) for yati, syikin and su, this is good experience for them..good to improve  on presenting the products to customers..

seronok tgk srikandi2 ni jumpa geng-geng masing-masing....memang riuh rendah di buat nye...maklumlah ada yang dah lama tak berjumpa geng kan...kadang2 tgk childish jugak srikandi2 ni bile jumpa geng lah everyone is young @ heart kan..hehe..awin kagum dengan semua srikandi2 ni...semua pon berjaya, berkerjaya dan bergaya :) semua pon hebat2...semua pon sangat sporting..maklumlah ladies nite kan..tiada para memang happening sangat2 :) siap ada catwalk for best dress competition, siap ada persembahan by batch (ala2 karaoke, tarian, nyanyian), joget lambak and banyak lagi...memang seronok sgt!!

enjoy the pictures :)
Srikandi Ismalina Ishak :)

Registration time!!
Team Fabulosity
Left to right: Su, Isma, Syikin, Awin and Yati
::Our Booth::
::Our Booth again :) ::
With SK Kak Akmar, she's an actress :)

              ::Premium Beautiful Corset::         :: Biozone Food Purifier ::

DEMO time!!!!

                             :: Aksha Telekung from Mia Mikhail Collection :: 

p/s: this sample telekung in purple is my collection..really love this super comfy telekung :)

::Ratu Cantek Uollllssss::

::Joget Lambak Ewah Ewaaahhh::

Pheewww...penat sangat2 tapi we really enjoy it..i really love the decorations and the ambiance...i really enjoy the performances as well..pendek kata, we had so much FUUUUNNNNNN!!!

p/s: Tetibe rasa kalau ada anak perempuan nanti, nak masukkan ke STF la...hihihi..insya-allah :)

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