Monday, 3 December 2012

Time to release some stress :)

I predict that this week will be a hectic/stressful week for me because of the month end closing and hard close audit. On top of that, since we are approaching year end, there are lots things need to be done before year end audit. 

So i have compiled some of my fav OST from Julia Robert's films to cheer me up :) I love Julia Robert's acting..she is pretty and very talented actress..

*I say a little prayer* from My Best Friend's Wedding

*You cant hurry love* from Runaway Bride

*She* from Notting Hill

*Aint no sunshine* from Notting Hill

*When you say nothing at all* from  Notting Hill

*The Heart of Every Girl* from Mona Lisa Smile

*I believe in love* from Miror Miror

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