Sunday, 2 December 2012

TRIP UPDATE: Johor Bahru 7 -9 Dec2012

Aloha friends :)

i am planning for a road trip to Johor Bahru this coming weekend!!! 

so so excited coz dah lama tak turun JB...there are lots of new things there e.g. JPO, Legoland etc that i really want to visit..pastu nak makan seafood yang sedap2 kat JB..yang paling best, this trip is fully sponsored by my beloved elder brother..thanx abang long :) semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki..amin

as usual, sambil road trip sambil ber"business"...this is what i like about this business..very flexible, you can do it anywhere anytime..nak atau tak nak orang-orang JB- jom ambil peluang ni untuk jumpa i and discuss this lovely biz opportunity... nak fitting Premium Beautiful pun boleh :) just let me know so that i can slot in to my schedule ('',)

alhamdulillah sikit demi sikit, I dah pun capai impian-impian kecil dari berbisnes Premium Beautiful secara online..termasuk additional income, melancong secara percuma dengan trip 5 star bersama rakan kongsi ke Vietnam, menghadiri business seminars, menghadiri private events e.g. Hijabista web launch dan banyak lagi

now I wanna share this with YOU!

let's discuss on how you can also turn your life around!!!

i will propose the biz plan to you, and you can take your time to think about it...tak ada paksaan k :)


Awien 019-2665590

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