Thursday, 14 February 2013


While cleaning up my room cabinet yesterday, i had the chance to go through all my CD collections during my students life. Guess what, i found few CDs of one of my favorite bands when i was back then studying A-Level in Hurstpierpoint College, THE CALLING :) I was so into this band during those days. I love the band..of course i love Alex the most, i love his voice, his bad boy characters and his hair...:) Haish teringat pula zaman-zaman muda remaja dulu...ahaks ('',)

Some information about this band

The Calling is an American rock band from Los AngelesCalifornia, best known for their hit single, "Wherever You Will Go". The group formed in 2000 and have released two albums. They have been on an indefinite "hiatus" since 2005, leaving most fans to conclude that they have broken up permanently.

The Calling members: Alex Band (lead vocals), Aaron Kamin - lead guitar & backing vocalsSean Woolstenhulme - guitar &backing vocals, Billy Mohler - bass guitarNate Wood - drumspercussion, & backing vocals, Dino Meneghin - guitar

Their Albums


2."Nothing's Changed"  
3."Wherever You Will Go"  
4."Could It Be Any Harder"  
5."Final Answer"  
7."We're Forgiven"  
8."Things Don't Always Turn Out That Way"  
9."Just That Good"  
10."Thank You"  


            1.  "One by One"                             
            2.  "Our Lives"                             
            3.  "Things Will Go My Way"     
            4.  "Chasing the Sun"                     
            5.  "Believing"                                  
            6.  "Anything"                                   
            7.  "If Only"                                        
            8.  "Somebody Out There"             
            9.  "Surrender"                                 
            10.  "Dreaming in Red"                     
            11.  "Your Hope"                                
            12. "For You" (Acoustic)                  
            13. "London Calling" (Acoustic)  

Enjoy the videos peeps :)

Wherever You Will Go

Could it Be Any Harder



Our lives


Final Answer

Things Will Go My Way

I wish they had never split up... Its 2013 and i'm still listening to their musics ('',)

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