Thursday, 10 January 2013


2012 is over. Let bygones be bygones. More importantly is NOW, RIGHT HERE, 2013!!! I hope it is still not too late for me to wish each and every one of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! May this year brings you  greater success, best of health & everlasting happiness..Insya-allah :)

As for myself, I have had a great start of 2013 so far and i hope it will be an even better year than 2012. Similar to previous years, I have made a list of goals, expectations and hopes that i want to achieve this year. I’m pretty sure that each and everyone of us have that too to make this year unforgettable...:) 

Here are the steps in achieving those resolutions!!!

Last but not least…
Let's hope 2013 is going to be different to all of us. Let's have faith in ourselves and stay positive about our progress. Sharing our resolutions with a friend or a family member can help us be accountable. Be flexible, remember setbacks happen, don’t let this dampen our momentum.  If we need help, ask! Finally, reward and celebrate our successes!
Keep reminding ourselves:-
~Anything Is POSSIBLE~
~I'm WORTH it~