Tuesday, 27 September 2011


hiburan pd waktu2 stress dgn keje or study...saje je nk share ngan korang :) 

Indonesian songs :)

Korean Drama OST: Secret Garden...love relationship between hyun bin (from rich family) with ha ji won (from average family)..great chemistry between hyun bin and ha ji won :)

Korean Drama OST: Spy Myung Wol....love relationship between a spy from north korea and Hallyu Star from south korea...thumbs up to both the hero and heroin..best best best!!!

"Laugh as much as you breath and Love as long as you live"

When we keep a positive outlook in our lives, life will tend to flow easier for us. Laughter is an essential stress reliever whether we realize it or not, just a few laughs a day prevents stress from building up in our lives. We don't usually realize it but laughter has many positive effects on our physical bodies as well. By decreasing our blood pressure levels, and giving increase to endorphins (signals of "feel good") to the brain, our levels of stress tend to decrease. 

Love also has similar positive physical effects, and any good relationship is a relationship that will also increase your physical and mental health as well. This is why it is important to laugh and love as much as possible. Doing the alternatives to these will affect us negatively of course. We aren't made to sustain high levels of stress and negative energy, if we think about it, anything with too much weight or stress on it will eventually fold. Earth is filled with a huge population of people and it would be a shame for us not to laugh and love with them.