Saturday, 31 March 2012

Reward for myself :)

Alhamdulillah, tahun ni Awin dapat rezeki lebih sedikit as compared to previous years. From my permanent employment, i received both increment and bonus :) Whereas from my Premium Beautiful business, i received SM/SSM award, extra income, bonus and VVIP Trip to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I am so happy and grateful for what i have received this year. I wish this will continue in future years :) Insya-allah..Amin

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Every year without fail, from the bonus that i received, i will at least buy something to reward myself for my hardwork or spend for a good cause. Some people may think that i should have just save the money, invest in somewhere, etc. Actually i did allocate some of the bonus into my saving, then some for all my commitments including car loan, credit card outstanding balance and the rest is for myself and my parents/siblings.

Since i already worked for 5 years, so the 5  years bonus has been spent for the followings:-

1st year bonus: Ring from Tomei (similar to picture below but the diamond is smaller la...hehe)

2nd year bonus: Wristlet from coach

3rd year bonus: Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet

4th year bonus: Mengerjakan umrah with my parents

5th year bonus: Braun Buffel purse for my mom 

 5th year bonus: Braun Buffel purse for my myself :)

Alhamdullillah dengan rezeki yang i terima this year, i also managed to zerorise my outstanding balance for both of my credit cards. Dah serik nak maintain 2 credit cards, and from next month onwards, i will only maintain one credit card. Lepas ni i berazam nak guna cash/debit card for all my spending.

Ok that's all for now...GTG for my business appointment

Tuesday, 27 March 2012


This is the story of A3 group under the Green Group!!!!...A fully sponsored (all expense paid) trip to Ho Chi Minh City with our group of entrepreneurs, in total over 100 hundred people. We visited the major tourist attractions, shopping, enjoyed great food and had a great blast! 

PRESENTING "The Eagles", "Perfect Cut", "PBLicious", "Stylishstar", "Team Fabulosity", "Chiqmania" and "Diamond Divas" in  Enjoice!!! 

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Perbandingan Cara Membentuk Badan

Tempoh: Beberapa Jam
Kesan: Mungkin baik
Risiko: Tiada jaminan
Kos: Amat Tinggi

Tempoh: Beberapa minggu
Kesan: Baik
Risiko: Kecederaan
Kos: Rendah (kalau buat sendiri);  Tinggi (kalau membership with the gym plus personal trainer)

Tempoh: Beberapa hari
Kesan: Berkesan
Risiko: Kesan sampingan
Kos: Amat tinggi

Tempoh: Serta merta
Kesan: Amat berkesan
Risiko: Tiada
Kos: Paling Murah (long term)





Alhamdulillah i have been to EUROPE before when i was studied in UK (7 years ago)- memang best sangat2!!! Masa pergi dulu, i follow Kelana Convoy "16 Days Conquest of Europe" ~ SMALL PRICE...BIG TOUR COVERAGE..Maklumlah student. Mana mampu nak travel mewah2 sangat. Jadi kene la pergi back-packing ikut student/budget package yang Kelana Convoy offer. A great experience i must say. Tak semua orang boleh buat kan. But i did it with some of my close friends.

Highlights of my Journey :)

We depart from Park Lane, London and travel down to Dover, from here we take the ferry across to France. 

When we reached Belgium, we stopped for Belgian chocolates!  

Continue into Holland, we set up camp near Amsterdam. The next day, we drove to the picturesque Dutch fishing and cheese village of Volendam. We tried variety of seafood and have our picture taken in a traditional Dutch costume. We posed for a memorable picture by the windmills. We spend the rest of the day  in Amsterdam city centre. We took a boat ride by the many canals.


We headed south east crossing into Germany. By late afternoon we arrived at Heidelberg. Sightseeing includes admiring the Heidelberg Castle, City Hall, Market Square architecture, Neckar river, Hollander Hof hotel and restaurant and the bridge gate. By evening we headed towards our campground.





By late afternoon the following day, we reached Neuchwanstein castle. Built by King Ludwig, this casle is the fairiest of all the fairy castles, situated on top of a hill surrounded by mountains and lakes. Mr Disney was inspired by this particular castle when he built his Disneyland fairy tale castle. 

We then continue our journey into Austria towards our campsite. We spent the next morning going around the City of Innsbruck. Visited the Golden balcony, the lod City gate and shop for SWAROVSKI crystals and accessories. We also went to sky jump ramp built for the winter olympic which was once held here in Innsbruck. 

Goldenes Dachl (Golden balcony)




Olympic Sky Jump @ Berg Isel

We then made our way into Italy and camp near Venice for two nights. To be continued in CONQUEST OF EUROPE ~ NAK PERGI LAGI :) (Part 2)


In two weeks time, Hai-O akan terbangkan all the Holland qualifiers pulak. Although i'm not one of the qualifiers for Holland trip this time but i am so glad to have join this business. KENAPA??? Sebab setiap apa yang kita usahakan untuk business ni akan ada rewardye in terms of pangkat, bonus, tabung kereta dan juga peluang melancong ke luar negara. Package-package perlancongan yang disediakan bukan calang - calang package ok. VVIP trip @ FOC, you all TAK NAK MERASA ke package trip macam ni?? Alhamdulillah i dah merasa VVIP trip to Vietnam haritu (Nanti boleh refer my blog entry on VVIP trip to Vietnam k). And now i am fighting for VVIP Trip  to Guangzhou pulak with all my business partners in TEAM FABULOSITY :) So anyone yang nak merasa VVIP Trip to Guangzhou and many more, call me or PM me NOW. I will show you the way to achieve it. MASIH BELOM TERLAMBAT UTK QUALIFY TRIP TO GUANGZHOU