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Approximately 6800 runners registered this year (and i was one them) as compared to last year with 5000 participants. But higher number of participants have caused congestion since there was only one small lane to enter the Stadium for the flag-off and people were climbing up the gates when the queue was terribly bad. Resulted that many runners especially 10km runners were very late when crossing the starting line. More entrances should be open for runners to enter to the stadium to avoid congestion in the future.

Nevertheless, it was a well organized event; the flag-off and finish line was inside the stadium, as it was brighter and more spacious. On top of that, the food e.g. kaya bun, tau fu fa, red bean, water melon, milo etc were ready for runners, supporter and family members without having to show any coupon. Thanks to the generosity of the organizer.
 This Brooks marathon is my third run after Terry Fox 2010 and SCKL 2011. In addition to that, this is the first 10km run fo…