Friday, 14 September 2012

My birthday :)

Yesterday, 13 Sept was my birthday.  Alhamdulillah syukur :) Thank you Allah for allowing me to breathe another day, keep my heart beats going another day and allow me more time to be closer to you. 

I received lots of birthday wishes from my lovely friends and family yesterday. Thank you  so much warm and lovely birthday wishes and doa. I'm so blessed and grateful to have each one in my life..

Thank you to one of my bff, Nurul Hafiza for the lunch treats @ Nandos KLCC:) Am so happy because i thought i will have to order takeaway food for lunch on my birthday. Luckily you asked :) 

Thank you to my mom for the dinner treats @ Cosy Corner, Ampang Park. But i guess this year's birthday celebration not so enjoyable because Abang, Adik, Alang, Nadia and Juwita was not around. Abang kat offshore, Adik kat US and Alang, Nadia and Juwita kat PCMC because Juwita dapat jaundice..Just three of us had the dinner..But still i'm so thankful for the dinner treats.  Thank you mak for the dinner :)

Similar like previous years, the one and only thing that i'm looking forward on every birthday is my BIRTHDAY PRESENTS!!!!

I can only recall few birthday presents that i received 
in 2009 - Dragon fly charm
in 2010 - Titus watch
in 2011 - Slimming Sanctuary spa and massage package
in 2012 - yet to receive...hehehe..really cant wait

Anyway, tahun ni ada rezeki lebih sedikit..alhamdulillah syukur :) ini semua berkat usaha buat bisness Premium Beautiful on top of my permanent employment..of course before spending the money, i will make sure hutang2 dah settle, dah masukkan dlm saving yang lebih baru awien spend...and guess what..tadi awien just bought two thomas sabo charms for my thomas sabo charm bracelet :) So so so happy sebab dapat jugak tambah charms to my charm bracelet

So now i have :- 
one good luck charm - four clover leaf
one city charm - handbag
three happy garden charm - dragonfly, flower and ladybug
one simple charm - girl signage

Insya-allah kalau dapat qualify for jam tangan or trip london paris or both dalam buat Premium Beautiful bisness,  i would love to get additional two charms as per below:-

Here is my charm bracelet :)