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TEFAL lovers :)

Alhamdulillah this morning i've just ordered Tefal Easy Care 9 piece Pan Set for my parents' house from an online seller,Shopaholic Parlour. ( Just settled the payment a few minutes ago. Actually dah lama i nak belikan this Tefal set for my parents tapi baru hari ni berkesempatan. Since duit gaji baru masuk semalam, so i guess there is no harm to spend for this Tefal set kan :) yang penting all the bills/cc dah settle kan dulu and dah put aside some savings...weee
Thanx to my bff, Nurul Hafiza for recommending Shopaholic Parlour page. The price memang berpatutan. Now all i have to do is to wait for the delivery. Delivery mmg akan ambil masa sbb barang shipping from UK. But it's ok with me :)
Tadaaaa!!! tefal set that i ordered :)

Suitable for all heat sources except Induction : Dishwasher safe
The set includes a 12cm frying pan , a 20cm frying pan , a 24cm frypan , a 1ltr Milk pan , 16cm Saucepan with lid , a 18cm Saucepan With lid , a s…