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I am pretty sure that most of us are aware about UEFA European Football Championship 2012 or commonly known as Euro 2012 which is held in this month hosted by Poland and Ukraine. There is only one more match left tomorrow morning before the final match. Of course,I will watch tomorrow's match between Germany and Italy. Who will go to final between this two??? will it be Germany since the team is very consistent throughtout the tournament? Or Will it be Italy, based on historical record whereby Germany always lost to Italy? Will see. I'm not supporting either Germany or Italy though.
My favourite team is Spain!!!!!!! And yes, they are marching to the Final match. I' m so happy they did it once again. I really hope that they will win this tournament so that they will be the first team to have won 3 trophys in a row: euro2008, world cup 2010 and euro 2012. Pleaassseeeeeee :) go casillas, go torres, go alonso, go silva. So sad that David villa is not in the team due to inju…