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Sempena Hari Penderma Darah Sedunia semalam, 14 June 2012, Carigali Hess dengan kerjasama Petronita, KSRP dan HSE telah pun mengadakan kempen menderma darah called "Twin Towers Blood Donation Drive" bertermpat di Multipurpose Hall, Twin Towers Fitness Center, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

I have never ever donate blood before. I am scared of the needle and i cant stand the smell of blood. I have few incidents last  year and few years back, whereby i nearly faint when the nurse took a sample of my blood for blood testing. So memang agak hopeless for me to donate blood. I kagum dengan those yang selalu donate blood. Because it is a precious gift that costs nothing but can save a life.

But yesterday, i challenged myself to join blood donation and i put aside my fear when i have decided. I am so glad to have few friends came with me (Cuan, KN and K Pijan) However, hajat tidak kesampaian. When we arrived at TTFC, the organiser told us that the program is limited to 300 people only and they alre…