Sunday, 16 December 2012

Kenduri Aqiqah Juwita Sari :)

Alhamdulillah dah selesai majlis aqiqah Juwita Sari @ Labu, N9 hari ni ('',)
Hari ni Juwita behave je walaupun orang ramai and cuaca panas..good girl...:)

Juwita would like to say thank you to all her aunties, uncles and cousins for coming to her Aqiqah..Also thank you for the lovely presents and $$..hehe..Datangla visit Juwita lagi k :) Boleh main-main lagi..hehe..To those who cant make it, insya-allah nanti Juwita balik kampung k :)

Kodak moments...enjoy!!!
Syoknye Juwita tido atas pangku Makngah before majlis :p 
Juwita dah tukar baju..pakai baju kurung yg uwan dia jahit :)
Cantikkan baju Juwita
Juwita and Aunty Ros ('',)
Juwita with her cousin, Kak Long Zana...kenapa melopong tu Juwita..hehe
Alololo...sedondon pulak Juwita and Kak Long ye..hehe
Cerdiknye la Juwita ni...siap jenguk apa ada dalam dulang tu ..hehe
Banyaknye atuk potong ambut Juwita...abisla  ambut Juwita nanti
Opah pulak cukur jambul Juwita..good girl..x nangis pon kan 
Juwita dah tukar baju la... :)

Juwita with her new friend, Cik Sotong :)
Juwita with her cousin, Safea :) Happy Birthday Pea ('',)
Sukenye duduk dalam buaian :)

Juwita berehat dengan Atuk 

Jaadil's Clan
Jaadil's Clan again :p

Saturday, 15 December 2012

2012 Annual Dinner CFA & FRS "LAS VEGAS and ROCK&ROLL"

Had a great time with friends and colleagues at the 2012 Annual Dinner CFA & FRS last Thursday, 13 December 2012 at Double Tree by Hilton.The theme for this year is Las Vegas and Rock & Roll. Based on my observation, for this year Annual Dinner, most of us only wear what we have in our closet. Yelah tak perlu membazir sebab of course semua orang ada jeans, jackets, polka dot dress or skirts or glam dress :) But of course those yang sewa the costume won the best dress awards for the nite.

Best Dress Winner
1st place: Kak Normah (Show girl)
2nd place: Silia (Hairspray)
3rd place: Irda (Rockers)

1st place: Fikry Aladib (Rockers)
2nd place: Ali (Elvis Presley)
3rd place: Azmi (Elvis Presley)

The performance from PCSB guys was very entertaining..really enjoying it..sporting giler aaa...x sangka tad fon is the choreographer...well done dude!!! good job dancers : aizat, asraf, azmi, abu, hendree, fikry, tad fon..hehe..korang ROCKS!!!

All in all, congratulations to all the CFA committees FY2012  for making this event such a memorable event. Hope there will more events to come in future.

Enjoy the pictures :)

RED CARPET moment @ the ENTRANCE!!!!

me with 2 lovely ladies in jacket...ROCK!!!

me with two SPORTING MANAGERS and Waheeda

Ikut tema???? hehehe
me with  Kak Normah, winner for the best dress female category
p/s: kak normah ni never fails untuk melaram..hehehe
EPPNP TEAM in da house :)
4 guys and 2 ladies :)
p/s fikri won the best dress for male category
with Kak Sya
Us with BRUNO MARS wannabe..hehehe

 oklah that's all for now


Friday, 7 December 2012

New addition: ACQUA di GIOIA by Giorgio Armani

Alhamdulillah syukur :)

Thank you to all my bff for the Isetan vouchers as my birthday present this year :) 
Finally i bought things that i really want using the vouchers...kebetulan my Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume pon dah i'm so happy coz i got a great bargain since ada Christmas sale..yeay!!!

Free gifts: miniatures and spray

Monday, 3 December 2012

Time to release some stress :)

I predict that this week will be a hectic/stressful week for me because of the month end closing and hard close audit. On top of that, since we are approaching year end, there are lots things need to be done before year end audit. 

So i have compiled some of my fav OST from Julia Robert's films to cheer me up :) I love Julia Robert's acting..she is pretty and very talented actress..

*I say a little prayer* from My Best Friend's Wedding

*You cant hurry love* from Runaway Bride

*She* from Notting Hill

*Aint no sunshine* from Notting Hill

*When you say nothing at all* from  Notting Hill

*The Heart of Every Girl* from Mona Lisa Smile

*I believe in love* from Miror Miror

Sunday, 2 December 2012

TRIP UPDATE: Johor Bahru 7 -9 Dec2012

Aloha friends :)

i am planning for a road trip to Johor Bahru this coming weekend!!! 

so so excited coz dah lama tak turun JB...there are lots of new things there e.g. JPO, Legoland etc that i really want to visit..pastu nak makan seafood yang sedap2 kat JB..yang paling best, this trip is fully sponsored by my beloved elder brother..thanx abang long :) semoga dimurahkan lagi rezeki..amin

as usual, sambil road trip sambil ber"business"...this is what i like about this business..very flexible, you can do it anywhere anytime..nak atau tak nak orang-orang JB- jom ambil peluang ni untuk jumpa i and discuss this lovely biz opportunity... nak fitting Premium Beautiful pun boleh :) just let me know so that i can slot in to my schedule ('',)

alhamdulillah sikit demi sikit, I dah pun capai impian-impian kecil dari berbisnes Premium Beautiful secara online..termasuk additional income, melancong secara percuma dengan trip 5 star bersama rakan kongsi ke Vietnam, menghadiri business seminars, menghadiri private events e.g. Hijabista web launch dan banyak lagi

now I wanna share this with YOU!

let's discuss on how you can also turn your life around!!!

i will propose the biz plan to you, and you can take your time to think about it...tak ada paksaan k :)


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