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Alhamdulillah syukur :) Semalam Awin berkesempatan untuk hadir ke majlis ilmu bersama Pija and Sya yang bertajuk "Nation Builders: Stories of the Prophets" by Shaikh Riad Ouarzazi at Faculty Perubatan, UPM Serdang. Thank you Pija for alerting me about this event as well as invite me to go to this event with you. Thank you Wardina for promoting this event in your FB page :)
It is such a good event, it provides inspiration to change ourselves to be a better person, to change our perception of life..the speaker, Shaikh Riad has a very interesting way to give his talk/dakwah..he loves to visualize it..hence less boring and i really enjoy it...i believe every one get the message/info/ilmu in a fun way :)
So many people came...most of them are UPM students...sejuk hati tengok adik2 semua datang ke majlis ilmu instead of enjoying their friday nights elsewhere...:) Penuh auditorium tu sehinggakan ada yang terpaksa berdiri atau duduk di tangga auditorium..
Here are the summary of "…