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Salam and hi to all my blog readers.. :) 
It's been a while i havent updated any entry here..So sorry k..i was busy with work, business, family, study and some personal matters. So how's everyone? Buat ape hari ni? Enjoying your holidays i guess especially those yang take annual leave tomorrow or Friday..Memang cuti panjang lah kan..seronoknye!!! 
As for myself, i have no more annual leave to take..kesian kan..nak buat macam mana..i used my remaining annual leaves for my professional qualification study and exam..that's the route that i chose and that was the sacrifice that i have to make..insya-allah berbaloi once i qualified..amin
Anyway, i would like to share with all of you about my trip to Singapore with my younger brother sometime in July 2012. It's by no means to be comprehensive but I hope you guys can use it as reference to plan your family trip for this school holidays :)
Actually this is not my first time visit to Singapore. I've been there before in 2008 du…