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Afternoon to all my readers. Hope everyone had a great festive break so far....Hari ini Awien ingin berkongsi dengan semua tentang ig @barangdapurbasah. Sebenarnya Awien pun baru tahu pasal ig ni. Itupun setelah menonton rancangan Nona di mana pemilik ig ini berkongsi tentang jualan barang dapur basah yang diusahakannya.
Setelah menonton perkongsian itu, Awien pun terus follow ig @barangdapurbasah ini. Awien mula baca semua comments from customers yang mana rata-rata kebanyakannya berpuas hati dengan harga dan service. Kebetulan barang basah di rumah dah habis dan Awien tak sempat untuk ke Pasar Tani atau Giant, jadi Awien pun terus WhatsApp ke barangdapurbasah ini. Dan bermulalah episode membeli barangdapurbasah via WhatsApp sahaja. Pada Awien, dengan adanya kemudahan seperti ini, ianya menjimatkan masa dan tenaga sebab tidak perlu lagi ke pasar dan tidak perlu lagi membersihkan barang basah ini terutama untuk mereka yang bekerja. Cuma perlu diingatkan, ada delivery charges of RM15 un…


Salam and Morning to all my blog readers.Hope you are doing well wherever you are. I know it has been quite a while since the last post in my blog. Well, I was transferred to another department in my company sometime back in 2013 whereby my job is on an assignment basis with tight datelines and requires me to travel on business trip frequently.
However, starting 2017, I moved to another department which is office base in KL. It takes me one year to settle down in the new department and now I am back for more updates and posts to my blog. 
Last Saturday, 11 Feb 2018, I joined KL World Urban Run flag off from Dataran Merdeka. Since this is my first run in 2018, hence I decided to register for 5km fun run only. My aim for this run was only to complete the run without any injuries instead of being too ambitious on the distance and time.
Alhamdulillah I managed to complete the run within 35 minutes (7.30am-8.05am). I am so proud of myself for this achievement given that I did not religiously …


Wishing all my Chinese friends and neighbours, Gong Xi Fa Cai!!! May this New Year bring many opportunities to your way, to explore every joy of your life. Turning all your dreams into reality.
And to the rest of us, enjoy the long festive break with your loved ones :) Stay safe wherever you are.