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I am pretty sure that most of us are aware about UEFA European Football Championship 2012 or commonly known as Euro 2012 which is held in this month hosted by Poland and Ukraine. There is only one more match left tomorrow morning before the final match. Of course,I will watch tomorrow's match between Germany and Italy. Who will go to final between this two??? will it be Germany since the team is very consistent throughtout the tournament? Or Will it be Italy, based on historical record whereby Germany always lost to Italy? Will see. I'm not supporting either Germany or Italy though.
My favourite team is Spain!!!!!!! And yes, they are marching to the Final match. I' m so happy they did it once again. I really hope that they will win this tournament so that they will be the first team to have won 3 trophys in a row: euro2008, world cup 2010 and euro 2012. Pleaassseeeeeee :) go casillas, go torres, go alonso, go silva. So sad that David villa is not in the team due to inju…


I bought myself a new sport shoes last Monday @ The Gardens for my next running event; SCKL2012 which will be held this coming Sunday, 24 June. It's not a norm for me to buy new shoes for every running event but this time i have to because my existing shoes was quite old and no longer can be used (tapak dah haus dan tertanggal). Plus i got RM120 Brooks voucher during my participation in TM Fan Run 2012. Rugi kalau i x guna voucher tu kan. 
Presenting my new sport shoes: PureCodence by Brooks. Very comfortable and very light. Suitable for running :) I LOIKKEE IT SO MUCH..yeay!!



Waking up as early as 5.45am this morning to get ready for Team Malaysia Fan Run 2012 is not something that i would normally do on a Sunday morning. Normally i will wake up for my Subuh prayers and then continue my sleep. But today, it is an exceptional for me. I believe that today's run is something special that makes it worthwhile to sacrifice my Sunday morning beauty sleep. 
In support of the Malaysian Contingent which consist of 28 athletes who will be competing in the London Olympics next month, I decided to be part of the10,000 runners participating in the half-day event. The beauty of this event is that it only have two categories; 7km and 3 km run which makes it perfect for everyone in Malaysia to participate despite gender, age and fitness level. As for myself, i have chosen to participate in 7km run category :) 
RM40 that includes a participation fee and the nice Team Malaysia Panthera jersey! Now I have my first jersey to wear to stadium for future Harimau Malaya games.


Sempena Hari Penderma Darah Sedunia semalam, 14 June 2012, Carigali Hess dengan kerjasama Petronita, KSRP dan HSE telah pun mengadakan kempen menderma darah called "Twin Towers Blood Donation Drive" bertermpat di Multipurpose Hall, Twin Towers Fitness Center, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

I have never ever donate blood before. I am scared of the needle and i cant stand the smell of blood. I have few incidents last  year and few years back, whereby i nearly faint when the nurse took a sample of my blood for blood testing. So memang agak hopeless for me to donate blood. I kagum dengan those yang selalu donate blood. Because it is a precious gift that costs nothing but can save a life.

But yesterday, i challenged myself to join blood donation and i put aside my fear when i have decided. I am so glad to have few friends came with me (Cuan, KN and K Pijan) However, hajat tidak kesampaian. When we arrived at TTFC, the organiser told us that the program is limited to 300 people only and they alre…


Today, i would like to do  a review about my current favorite thing which is MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream. For more information about this product,  you can visit this link: page=mainProductDetail&p_code=MSMS1052&ctg=AAA

Actually, I’ve heard of Missha BB Cream from my BFF, Ismalina Ishak since last year when she first bought it. At that point of time, i just bought You Rebel Lite BB Cream from Benefit. So i just ignore it at first. But last month, when my current BB cream nearly finished, i straight away called Ismalina to get some feedback about Missha BB Cream. She gave quite a good review on this BB cream, so I thought I’d check it out myself.
I bought Missha BB Cream last month, i chose shade No. 23 Natural Beige to suit my medium skin color. I have been using this BB Cream for few weeks now and honestly i lOvVveeeeEEee  it.  The colour blended perfectly onto my skin. There was no need for foundation because it works both as a moisturizer and f…


We left the gigantic mountains behind us and head for the Metropolitan City of Paris. We drove north west through the mountains passing beautiful vineyards in between many French chateau before arriving at the contrast, busy city of Paris during the rush hour. 
A full day to enjoy the thrills and spills of the rides at Disneyland Paris

Wif cartoon characters :)
Pinocchio's Dad
Pooh is hugging me :)