Thursday, 28 June 2012


I am pretty sure that most of us are aware about UEFA European Football Championship 2012 or commonly known as Euro 2012 which is held in this month hosted by Poland and Ukraine. There is only one more match left tomorrow morning before the final match. Of course,I will watch tomorrow's match between Germany and Italy. Who will go to final between this two??? will it be Germany since the team is very consistent throughtout the tournament? Or Will it be Italy, based on historical record whereby Germany always lost to Italy? Will see. I'm not supporting either Germany or Italy though.

My favourite team is Spain!!!!!!! And yes, they are marching to the Final match. I' m so happy they did it once again. I really hope that they will win this tournament so that they will be the first team to have won 3 trophys in a row: euro2008, world cup 2010 and euro 2012. Pleaassseeeeeee :) go casillas, go torres, go alonso, go silva. So sad that David villa is not in the team due to injury :(

Actually, I do support other teams as well but of course Spain is my number 1. Dulu2 I suke support the players which includes Luis Figo, Nuno Gomes, Edwin Van De sar, zinedine zidane, Peter schmeichel, fabio canavaro (who shared the same birth date with me, 13 September but 10 years older than me..hihi),Fredrik ljunberg, David beckham and many more. So yes I am number one football fan, be it club or country. I do enjoy watching football. Perhaps it is unusual for a lady but that's me. I watched football since I was young. Influence from my brothers I guess. Plus perhaps influence from my babysitter' s son who used to be selangor's player. Ok that's all for now. I'm going to sleep now so that I can wake up for the semi final match later. Nite nite :)

P/s: I did buy some jerseys sebagai kenangan euro 2012.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Feel More With Less

I bought myself a new sport shoes last Monday @ The Gardens for my next marathon; SCKL2012 which will be held this coming Sunday, 24 June. It's not a norm for me to buy new shoes for every marathon but this time i have to because my existing shoes were quite old and no longer can be used for marathon (tapak dah haus dan tertanggal). Plus i got RM120 Brooks voucher during my participation in TM Fan Run 2012. Rugi kalau i x guna voucher tu kan. 

Presenting my new sport shoes: PureCodence by Brooks. Very comfortable and very light. Suitable for marathon :) 


Sunday, 17 June 2012


Waking up as early as 5.45am this morning to get ready for Team Malaysia Fan Run 2012 is not something that i would normally do on a Sunday morning. Normally i will wake up for my Subuh prayers and then continue my sleep. But today, it is an exceptional for me. I believe that today's run is something special that makes it worthwhile to sacrifice my Sunday morning beauty sleep. 

In support of the Malaysian Contingent which consist of 28 athletes who will be competing in the London Olympics next month, I decided to be part of the10,000 runners participating in the half-day event. The beauty of this event is that it only have two categories; 7km and 3 km run which makes it perfect for everyone in Malaysia to participate despite gender, age and fitness level. As for myself, i have chosen to participate in 7km run category :) 

RM40 that includes a participation fee and the nice Team Malaysia Panthera jersey! Now I have my first jersey to wear to stadium for future Harimau Malaya games :)

The Fierce Spirit of the MALAYAN TIGER..AUMMMMM :)

We've been informed that we have to be at Dataran Merdeka by 7am. My brother, Feroz and ihowever arrived around 7.30am together with the rest of his friends and his pregnant wife,Ned. Of course, Ned is not running with us but a credit should be given to her for her spirit to come and support us early in the morning :) 

There was a warming up session conducted by the organizer for all participants. But 
the session already started when we arrived hence we instead had a quick warming up
session lead by my brother. Then at 7.45am, the emcees and the organizers were busy 
gathering the runners to the starting line.
The run which started at Merdeka Square was flagged off by Deputy Youth and Sports 
Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim. At 8am, participants for the 7km category were flagged 
off. Whereas participants for the 3km category were only flagged off at 8.15am. There 
were wave of "tigers" across the stretch of 7km from Dataran Merdeka, old and
young, family and friends. 
As we were enjoying the run, out of nowhere dark clouds started to cover KL's skies 
bringing a good 30 minutes downpour. Not good for the race (slippery road, 
eyesight problem, drenched clothes) BUT good for the haze.The morning rain 
however does not damper my spirits to keep on running to the finishing line. 

Alhamdulillah I finally completed my 7km run within 1 hour and 5 minutes while 
it was still raining cats and dogs. Running in the rain is unforgettable. The feeling was 
uplifting despite of being drenched in the rain.

My ultimate satisfaction is of course, the MEDAL =)

Friday, 15 June 2012

Blood Donation Drive: Be a HERO :)

Sempena Hari Penderma Darah Sedunia semalam, 14 June 2012, Carigali Hess dengan kerjasama Petronita, KSRP dan HSE telah pun mengadakan kempen menderma darah called "Twin Towers Blood Donation Drive" bertermpat di Multipurpose Hall, Twin Towers Fitness Center, 8:30am to 4:30pm.

I have never ever donate blood before. I am scared of the needle and i cant stand the smell of blood. I have few incidents last  year and few years back, whereby i nearly faint when the nurse took a sample of my blood for blood testing. So memang agak hopeless for me to donate blood. I kagum dengan those yang selalu donate blood. Because it is a precious gift that costs nothing but can save a life.

But yesterday, i challenged myself to join blood donation and i put aside my fear when i have decided. I am so glad to have few friends came with me (Cuan, KN and K Pijan)
However, hajat tidak kesampaian. When we arrived at TTFC, the organiser told us that the program is limited to 300 people only and they already reached the limit. So we are not able to donate blood. Perhaps, next time. Kecewanya saya :(

Some info sharing Faedah derma darah -menAngani ancaman kanser -Meningkatkan pengeluaran sel darah merah baru -membantu melawan hemochromitosis -membakar kalori -tingkat tahap kesihatan -ujian asas darah For more info, visit (pusat darah negara)

Thursday, 14 June 2012


With every purchase of 1 COMPLETE SET OF PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL CORSET, you will get:



Cake Shopper

Pink Roses Shopper

Black Cab Bag

Classic Harrods Shopper
Vintage Tins Shopper

Clarissa Floral 

Henry Bear Shopper

Knightsbridge's Map

Window Dressing

 Signature  Shopper 

 *Credit picture to Google :) 

YOUR HARRODS TOTE BAG will depend on the design that I have at that time of your purchase ...:)

Only applicable to those who pay through full cash / credit card.  

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

LACTOLITE: JUNE 2012 Promotion

With every purchase of 1 BOX of LACTOLITE, 
you will get:


Cinema: TGV KLCC
Date and Time: Weekends 

1. Snow White and the Huntsman
2. Men in Black 3
3. Madagascar 3
4. Gerimis Mengundang

p/s: Any other new movies showing at the point of purchase of Lactolite

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Saturday, 9 June 2012


Today, i would like to do
 a review about my current favorite thing which is MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream. For more information about this product, 
you can visit this link: page=mainProductDetail&p_code=MSMS1052&ctg=AAA

Actually, I’ve heard of Missha BB Cream from my BFF, Ismalina Ishak since last year when she first bought it. At that point of time, i just bought You Rebel Lite BB Cream from Benefit. So i just ignore it at first. But last month, when my current BB cream nearly finished, i straight away called Ismalina to get some feedback about Missha BB Cream. She gave quite a good review on this BB cream, so I thought I’d check it out myself. 

I bought Missha BB Cream last month, i chose shade No. 23 Natural Beige to suit my medium skin color. I have been using this BB Cream for few weeks now and honestly i lOvVveeeeEEee  it.  The colour blended perfectly onto my skin. There was no need for foundation because it works both as a moisturizer and foundation and it actually covers up real well. It smells great too. I’m quite impressed at its high SPF content (SPF42 PA+++). It has an oil-free base, which is great for those with oily/combination skin like myself. 

You Rebel Lite BB Cream vs Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
I find that this BB Cream suit me better than Benefit BB Cream mainly because Benefit BB Cream is a bit oily even though it gives perfect coverage.  So not so good for me with oily/combination skin. 

BB Cream vs Foundation
I prefer  BB Cream as compared to foundation because BB Cream is lighter. It is good for daily use. Normally i will wear foundation for special occasion only e.g. dinner, wedding etc. 

I highly recommended MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream for people who dont want to wear too much on their face but want a beautiful glow :)

So that's all for now. Next review will be about my current favorite Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Finish Compact Foundation.



With every purchase of 1 PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL SHORT BRASSIERE, you will get:


2) MISSHA Perfect Cover BB CREAM
MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream

BB CREAM = Base + Foundation + Concealer + (Natural Makeup) + Sunblock + Moisturiser + Oil Control + Healing Properties (Skin Regeneration, Pore Tightening, Skin Toning) + Optional Feature (Anti-Wrinkle/Brightening/Whitening)


*Credit picture to Naturactor Collections and video to youtube :)

Visit for more information about Premium Beautiful Short Brassiere

Only applicable to those who pay through full cash / credit card.  

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Losing Inches but NOT Losing Weight

Because so many of us want to lose weight, at any given moment, most of us know how much we weigh. Most of us even have a favorite scale (i have my own scale too..hehe), the favorite being the one that gives us the lowest number possible. We talk about weight, think about weight and, sometimes, lie about weight, but how often do we think about what that number means?

For too many of us, weight isn't just a number but something that can actually change how we feel about ourselves. But, what does your weight really mean and how useful is it when it comes to tracking weight loss progress? Learning the answers to those questions may just have you tossing out your scale forever. ..

Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss
When you talk about losing weight, what you usually mean is slimming down. But slimming down doesn't always mean losing weight. It may sound odd, but it's possible to get thinner without actually seeing a change in your weight. This happens when you lose body fat while gaining muscle. Your weight may stay the same, even as you lose inches, a sign that you're moving in the right direction. But, if the scale doesn't change, you may not even be aware that you're getting real results. Knowing the difference between losing weight and losing body fat can change how you get results and may even change how you look at your own body.

My Transformation:

The NEW me :)

My secret:
1. Consistently wearing Premium Beautiful corset everyday for 8 hours.
2. Jogging every weekend @ Taman Titiwangsa.
3. Balance diet and drink a lot of water.

Sunday, 3 June 2012


We left the gigantic mountains behind us and head for the Metropolitan City of Paris. We drove north west through the mountains passing beautiful vineyards in between many French chateau before arriving at the contrast, busy city of Paris during the rush hour. 

A full day to enjoy the thrills and spills of the rides at Disneyland Paris



Wif cartoon characters :)

Pinocchio's Dad

Pooh is hugging me :)

Eeyore -> My bff, Wan Aizat's Favourite :p

Just before we went for the Indiana Jones ride.
Pirates of the Carribean

Pirate's hut

Little Mermaid
Beauty and The Beast
Dumbo: My all time favourite cartoon

We started the next day with a sightseeing tour that includes such famous landmarks as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, to name but a few. We took a view over the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower, we visited one of the numerous art museums such as the Louvre for Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa. In the evening, we went for a romantic river cruise to see Paris by night.

Us @ the top of Eiffel Tower :)


Eiffel Tower at night :)
On the last day, after breakfast, we bid farewell to Paris and traveled through to the Port of Calais, from here we took the ferry across to Dover and finally to London.  

Some of the great companion throughout the journey :)
With the Cardiff ladies :)

With my juniors
One of the youngest participant of the trip: Akil Irshad Iskandar...He is  so cute and adorable :)

Wonderful and memorable holidays with great and sporting companions throughout the journey to EUROPE. I really really really enjoy exploring the beautiful scenery as well as the diversity of cultures and languages in EUROPE. Also i have fun meeting people from similar backgrounds and interests as well as has the opportunity to make new friends as well as strengthening old ones. Great experience i must say.

 Would love to visit EUROPE once again one day..Insya-allah.