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Salam Jumaat semua :) 
Last Wednesday, 23 Jan 2013, there was a blood donation drive organised @ Multipurpose Hall, Twin Towers Fitness Center from 9.30am  to 4.30pm. Honestly speaking, i have never ever donate blood before because i am scared of the needle and i cant stand the smell of blood. However, i would love to try to donate blood at least once in my life..i know that blood donation is a very good charity work..Because it is a precious gift that costs nothing but can save a life :)

Alhamdulillah i did it :) I challenged myself to join blood donation drive last Wednesday 23 Jan 2013 with my  colleagues and boss. Thanks to them for the moral support. Memang nervous sangat2...maklumlah first timer... alhamdulillah managed to let go off my fear and to keep calm throughout the session :) 
Insya-allah will donate again in the future since now i'm not afraid of it anymore :)

The red book :)