Friday, 1 June 2012

Spa Wisdom™ Africa Ximenia & Salt Body Scrub from The Body Shop

Diam tak diam, kita dah pun masuk ke bulan June. Welcome June and bye bye May. In 10 days time, my baby brother will come back from USA for his summer holidays. Tak sabarnye nak jumpa my baby brother ni..almost 2 years kot tak jumpa..I missed him so much ^-^.

Alhamdulillah hari ni Awien dapat cuti ganti daripada syarikat sebab Hari Keputeraan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong jatuh pada hari esok, Sabtu, 2 June 2012. Am so happy :) Since i'm on leave today, i took the opportunity to go for my monthly facial appointment @ Slimming Sanctuary, The Gardens, Midvalley. Alhamdulillah, my beautician, Yoga said that my acne problem is getting better and better. My skin complexion more balance now. I'm so glad :)

From Midvalley, i went to KLCC to meet my Premium Beautiful customer. After meeting my customer, i thought i wanted to watch a movie but too many people plus the seats available are limited. So i have to cancel my plan to watch movie. Frustrated gileerrrrrr..huhu..Since i cant watch movie, i was thinking of "lepaking" @ starbucks or coffee bean or san francisco. At least i can do some business planning/strategy for qualifying Paris-London trip, schedule my appointments for next week, but it did not materialize. WHY??? Coz too many people everywhere. No empty seat for me...sighhhh..i totally forgot, it's school holidays..aiyoyo

So i went for window shopping...konon nak window shopping but ended up buying Spa Wisdom™ Africa Ximenia & Salt Body Scrub from The Body Shop. Actually i am looking for a body scrub since the one that i have is nearly finished. I used different brand before, but this time around, i just wanted to try body shop body scrub. The salesgirl said that this Spa Wisdom™ Africa Ximenia & Salt Body Scrub is their best seller. So let's try :) 

By the way, i just nak share a tips to solve one of the Healing Crisis: Badan Jadi Gatal-Gatal after wearing Premium Beautiful:-

Use body scrub (it doesnt matter which brand as long as it contains sea salt, sugar, ground almonds, walnuts, seeds or other grainy components) once or twice a week to remove dead skin cells leaving your skin silky, smooth and radiant. It also helps to reduce the itchiness. However, those with oily skin should use body scrub more often than those with dry skin.

Also, make sure you wash your corset with Premium Beautiful Natural Wash because this detergent has chemicals to remove all the dead cells or toxin that stick around the corset especially at the Long Bra. So you just have to soak a lil bit longer, i.e. 30minutes instead of 10 minutes, to ensure all the dead cells and toxin is removed from the corset.

So good luck to all of you. Make sure you still wearing your corset even though you experience itchiness. This is just one of the healing crisis and it is normal. So dont worry too much because it is temporary :) Just bear with it for a lil while. Insya-allah it gets better.

Some info on the product. Stay tune for my review of this body scrub k :)

  • BEST IF YOU WANT TO: Take time to cleanse, revive and revitalize your skin using a luxuriously pampering creamy salt scrub for the body with skin softening butters from Africa that will leave skin soft, smooth and subtly scented with our traditional Spa Wisdom™ Africa fragrance.
  • BEST FOR: all skin types, particularly those with dry skin who need to exfoliate regularly.
  • How it works:
    • Salt grains gently exfoliate skin.
    • Ximenia, an oil extracted from the ximenia tree native to Africa, helps soften the skin.