Friday, 16 December 2011

Annual Dinner 2011: Pre, During and Post event :)

Enjoy more pictures: pre, during and post event :)
My outfit for the nite: Dress from Dorothy Perkins, Laggings from Marks & Spencer

The Mask...abis muka kene gold dust dia...haha

Other props: Kipas from Venice and Dinner Bag from Siti Azrina's collection..sorry xde gmbarnye

Myself in black and gold :)
Myself with the gorgeous Shida (best dress nominees and winner) and Sofiah (best dress nominees)
Our emcee for the nite: Sweet couple, Aidil and Syafa

Dari mata turun ke hati..chewahhh..haha..myself with the best dress winner

Myself with the stage manager for the nite, Aizat 

Myself with the killer, Hendree

Myself with our ex-intern, Hanan

Myself with lovely couple, Lutfi and Fizah

The commitees plus K Normah..vogue de vaaassss gitew

Myself and cuan

Myself and Dalila

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