Sunday, 19 February 2012

What A Small World

Hi all,

Hope you had a great weekend. As for me, i really had a great time during my weekend. It started with my friend's birthday celebration @Monte, BSC on Friday nite. Then on Saturday afternoon, i went to Majlis Anugerah SM/SSM 2012 @Dewan Wawasan, PGRM, Cheras of which i was one of them who received the award on that day. Then today, my family received an invitation for kenduri doa selamat from their old friend @ Bandar Mahkota.

In this entry, awien nak elaborate more on the invitation for kenduri doa selamat. The other two events, tunggu for my next blog entry k.

First of all, awien nak tanye, siapa yang tak kenal Juara MasterChef Malaysia, Ezani??? Of course semua orang kenal kan. Awien memang follow masterchef malaysia program and memang suke tengok Ezani ni memasak in that program. She's really humble and cool. Memang sangat kagum dengan Ezani ni sebab she's a doctor and yet she can cook all of that.

All this while, i already knew that Ezani is my sister in law's close friend because both of them went to STF together. Memang selalu la dengar cerita pasal Ezani ni from my sis in law. Haritu masa my younger brother's wedding reception, Ezani cant make it coz terikat dengan final episode for Masterchef Malaysia.

But few days ago, i just found out that Ezani's dad; MD Monoto is my parents close friend too masa zaman study in US. As fow my dad, he knew Ezani's dad from kolej pertanian lagi coz they went to the same kolej before fly to US to further their studies. My dad cakap memang dah lama sangat x jumpa Ezani's dad sbb dah lost contact. But thank you to an article about Ezani and her family in one of the newspapers, my dad akhirnya dapat contact balik his long lost friend. Thank you to my sis in law for her help to find out Ezani's father details and contact number.

SO today, the invitation for kenduri doa selamat that my family received was from my father's long lost friend, MD Monoto (Ezani's father). Memang jejak kasih habis la tadi. Lama jugak kat sana tadi sebab biasalah bila dah jumpa kawan lama, macam2 cerita la kan. Ramai jugak yang datang and semua pon x lepaskan peluang ambil gambar dengan Juara Masterchef Malaysia including myself. Hehe..
Btw, peserta2 masterchef yang lain2 pon ada. Diorang memang sporting and kelakar.

Some pictures taken during the event. Enjoy k!!!

Abah and his long lost friend, Monoto

My family with Ezani's family

Juara Masterchef Malaysia, Ezani and me

That's all for now...more updates to stay tune :)

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