Sunday, 3 June 2012


We left the gigantic mountains behind us and head for the Metropolitan City of Paris. We drove north west through the mountains passing beautiful vineyards in between many French chateau before arriving at the contrast, busy city of Paris during the rush hour. 

A full day to enjoy the thrills and spills of the rides at Disneyland Paris



Wif cartoon characters :)

Pinocchio's Dad

Pooh is hugging me :)

Eeyore -> My bff, Wan Aizat's Favourite :p

Just before we went for the Indiana Jones ride.
Pirates of the Carribean

Pirate's hut

Little Mermaid
Beauty and The Beast
Dumbo: My all time favourite cartoon

We started the next day with a sightseeing tour that includes such famous landmarks as the Notre Dame Cathedral, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower, to name but a few. We took a view over the city from the top of the Eiffel Tower, we visited one of the numerous art museums such as the Louvre for Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Mona Lisa. In the evening, we went for a romantic river cruise to see Paris by night.

Us @ the top of Eiffel Tower :)


Eiffel Tower at night :)
On the last day, after breakfast, we bid farewell to Paris and traveled through to the Port of Calais, from here we took the ferry across to Dover and finally to London.  

Some of the great companion throughout the journey :)
With the Cardiff ladies :)

With my juniors
One of the youngest participant of the trip: Akil Irshad Iskandar...He is  so cute and adorable :)

Wonderful and memorable holidays with great and sporting companions throughout the journey to EUROPE. I really really really enjoy exploring the beautiful scenery as well as the diversity of cultures and languages in EUROPE. Also i have fun meeting people from similar backgrounds and interests as well as has the opportunity to make new friends as well as strengthening old ones. Great experience i must say.

 Would love to visit EUROPE once again one day..Insya-allah.


  1. salam. hi..i pun akan join kc juga utk conquest 16hb ni. blh bagi tips tak ttg baju? cuaca? apa yg perlu pack? sbb dlm web kc tu mcm tak update sgt la

  2. tips are as follows:
    1. Clothes for a week (you can wash your clothes at certain campsite)
    2. Bring at least one winter jacket
    3. Comfortable shoes
    4. Check weather forecast for the period that you will travel
    5. Towel and slippers
    5. Ubat-ubatan, sunblock, toiletries (you can share with your friends if you want)

  3. salam sister.
    macam dengan excursion kat sane?
    we have to plan it ourselves ke?they let us roam free and we decide where to go, is it?
    thank you