Saturday, 9 June 2012


Today, i would like to do
 a review about my current favorite thing which is MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream. For more information about this product, 
you can visit this link: page=mainProductDetail&p_code=MSMS1052&ctg=AAA

Actually, I’ve heard of Missha BB Cream from my BFF, Ismalina Ishak since last year when she first bought it. At that point of time, i just bought You Rebel Lite BB Cream from Benefit. So i just ignore it at first. But last month, when my current BB cream nearly finished, i straight away called Ismalina to get some feedback about Missha BB Cream. She gave quite a good review on this BB cream, so I thought I’d check it out myself. 

I bought Missha BB Cream last month, i chose shade No. 23 Natural Beige to suit my medium skin color. I have been using this BB Cream for few weeks now and honestly i lOvVveeeeEEee  it.  The colour blended perfectly onto my skin. There was no need for foundation because it works both as a moisturizer and foundation and it actually covers up real well. It smells great too. I’m quite impressed at its high SPF content (SPF42 PA+++). It has an oil-free base, which is great for those with oily/combination skin like myself. 

You Rebel Lite BB Cream vs Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream
I find that this BB Cream suit me better than Benefit BB Cream mainly because Benefit BB Cream is a bit oily even though it gives perfect coverage.  So not so good for me with oily/combination skin. 

BB Cream vs Foundation
I prefer  BB Cream as compared to foundation because BB Cream is lighter. It is good for daily use. Normally i will wear foundation for special occasion only e.g. dinner, wedding etc. 

I highly recommended MISSHA Perfect Cover BB Cream for people who dont want to wear too much on their face but want a beautiful glow :)

So that's all for now. Next review will be about my current favorite Bobbi Brown Oil-Free Finish Compact Foundation.