Sunday, 17 June 2012


Waking up as early as 5.45am this morning to get ready for Team Malaysia Fan Run 2012 is not something that i would normally do on a Sunday morning. Normally i will wake up for my Subuh prayers and then continue my sleep. But today, it is an exceptional for me. I believe that today's run is something special that makes it worthwhile to sacrifice my Sunday morning beauty sleep. 

In support of the Malaysian Contingent which consist of 28 athletes who will be competing in the London Olympics next month, I decided to be part of the10,000 runners participating in the half-day event. The beauty of this event is that it only have two categories; 7km and 3 km run which makes it perfect for everyone in Malaysia to participate despite gender, age and fitness level. As for myself, i have chosen to participate in 7km run category :) 

RM40 that includes a participation fee and the nice Team Malaysia Panthera jersey! Now I have my first jersey to wear to stadium for future Harimau Malaya games :)

The Fierce Spirit of the MALAYAN TIGER..AUMMMMM :)

We've been informed that we have to be at Dataran Merdeka by 7am. My brother, Feroz and ihowever arrived around 7.30am together with the rest of his friends and his pregnant wife,Ned. Of course, Ned is not running with us but a credit should be given to her for her spirit to come and support us early in the morning :) 

There was a warming up session conducted by the organizer for all participants. But 
the session already started when we arrived hence we instead had a quick warming up
session lead by my brother. Then at 7.45am, the emcees and the organizers were busy 
gathering the runners to the starting line.
The run which started at Merdeka Square was flagged off by Deputy Youth and Sports 
Minister Datuk Razali Ibrahim. At 8am, participants for the 7km category were flagged 
off. Whereas participants for the 3km category were only flagged off at 8.15am. There 
were wave of "tigers" across the stretch of 7km from Dataran Merdeka, old and
young, family and friends. 
As we were enjoying the run, out of nowhere dark clouds started to cover KL's skies 
bringing a good 30 minutes downpour. Not good for the race (slippery road, 
eyesight problem, drenched clothes) BUT good for the haze.The morning rain 
however does not damper my spirits to keep on running to the finishing line. 

Alhamdulillah I finally completed my 7km run within 1 hour and 5 minutes while 
it was still raining cats and dogs. Running in the rain is unforgettable. The feeling was 
uplifting despite of being drenched in the rain.

My ultimate satisfaction is of course, the MEDAL =)

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