Alhamdulillah, one of my new year's resolutions which is to complete THREE marathons this year has been fulfilled. I am so happy and proud to have completed these three running events. I have proved to myself, my family and friends that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE -  because i'm possible :)

My first and second running events was 10km Brooks Marathon and 7km TM Fan Run respectively. My THIRD m was on 24th June 2012, 10km run Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon 2012.  It was a very pleasant run for me and i did enjoy myself. 

In the beginning, i doubt that i will be able to complete this SCKL 10km run. WHY?? Because I haven't done any preparation for it. Luckily I ran for 7km TM Fan Run just a week before the SCKLM i.e. on Sunday, 17 June 2012. So that's the only "preparation" that i did before the SCKL marathon. Of course i did ensure i take a balance diet a week before the run.
I was supposed to rest and eat and rest more the day before the run but I didn’t. I traveled to Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan for my BFF's wedding from Thursday,  21 June until Saturday, 23 June. Luckily i went there by flight rather than drive. It is my choice to attend her wedding even though the reception took place outside KL and quite near to the running date. WHY? Because she is my BFF and i wanted to be there on her BIG DAY. Plus i went there with my parents and my younger brother with the intention to go for a short family vacation/outing. 
I felt lethargic, but I knew how much I wanted to complete this 10km run. I slept quite early the night before the run since i managed to arrive KL around 4pm on Saturday. I woke up at 6am and leaving my home at 6.30am to Wangsa Maju LRT station to catch the train. The full and the half marathon had already started by the time I arrived at the Dataran Merdeka. 
Before I left home, I had some cereals; and before the race started at 8.00am, I drank a can of Redbull for energy and i did put on some Deep Heat rub on both legs merely just a wake up call for my muscle before start running.

The SCKLM route was not too bad. I was cruising all the way. One method I used was to rehydrate myself sufficiently at every water stop. I slowed down at every water stop, just to let my body take a short and quick rest whilst I rehydrate. Along the way, a lady which i hardly known approached me because she wanted to know the time since i'm wearing my TIMEX watch.

We have similar running pace and we ended up running together until the finishing line. We did motivate each other especially towards the end of the running.

Completing at 1 hour 36 minutes (official time), I must say it felt really great even though thousands others were doing the same, or at even better finishing time.



  1. Congrats in completing your "marathon"!! Keep it up.. just to clarify 10km is not a marathon is just a 10km run, when you complete 42km then u can claim u completed a marathon!! Is not right to give the wrong impression to all your readers that is so easy to complete 3 "marathon" in a year without proper training.. nonetheless dont stop running and hopefully you'll complete an actual marathon in near future!! Good luck.. ;)


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