Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Tragedy befell 18 Malaysian Students in IOWA, Ames city, US

When most of us are grateful and happy to welcome Ramadhan this coming weekend, 18 Malaysian students (including my younger brother) who are currently studying in IOWA University, US are being tested by Allah just before the Ramadhan. Their South Meadow Apartments on South 5th Street, Ames city, Iowa, US was burned and destroyed in a fire which began in the early Sunday morning (US time), July 15 2012.

Alhamdulillah most of these students are back in Malaysia for summer holidays including my brother and some of them are on tour in US. Only few of them are spending their summer over there. My younger brother managed to talk to his housemate,  Shafiq Mahadi who were there during the incident  on Sunday night (Malaysian time) and Alhamdulillah he is safe with the other 3 Malaysian students. No one was injured. But they are traumatized with everything that just happened in a split second. As for my brother, he was glad that he was back in Malaysia but at the back of his mind, i know that he is worried about all his belongings which would be lost in the fire. I also know that he is worried about the fact that he has to start all over again. 

As for my family, all of us are glad and thankful to Allah because my younger brother is back in Malaysia during the fire. But of course we sympathized with the tragedy that befell him and the remaining 17 affected students. Most of their belongings are completely destroyed in the fire. Only few were able to be retrieved back. Thanks to  Mohamad Khairi Zulkarnian, Mohd Aminuddin Hamid, Mohd Khairi Ismail and Shafiq Mahadi  for their effort to retrieve back some of the items which are not completely destroyed.

I am writing this to inform all of you that I am currently in the midst of raising funds for these 18 students starting from today until end of July 2012. With the bottom of my heart, I would be ever grateful if you would donate any amount to help these 18 students to continue their studies without hindrance especially when the new semester will resume right after Hari Raya. I believe that your donation / contribution will help to ease their burdens especially when some of them are thinking of changing their flight tickets so that they can go back to US earlier i.e. before Hari Raya to settle all the things there before the semester starts.

To donate / to contribute, kindly pm my fb inbox or email me @ farahshazwin@gmail.com for the bank details.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution/donation. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalas jasa baik you all semua k :)  Semoga derma anda semua mendapat keberkatan daripada Allah swt lebih2 lagi apabila tidak lama lagi kita akan berada di bulan yang penuh keberkatan iaitu bulan Ramadhan.

Selamat Berpuasa

Awien (‘’,) 

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