Friday, 15 February 2013

Housewarming Gift: Corelle

Hola readers!!! Dont get it wrong k...this housewarming gift is actually for my younger brother sempena dia nak masuk rumah baru :) 

Plum (Square)SET 12
4 x Dinner Plate
4 x Luncheon Plate
4 x 23oz Bowl

Simple and sweet right? That's is why i fell in love with this Corelle's dinnerware collection :) Rasa macam nak beli satu set untuk diri sendiri..hehe..tapi macam membazir pulak sebab banyak lagi set pinggan mangkuk kat rumah ni yang belum guna lagi...dulu waktu balik dr UK for good, punyelah memborong potmeirion set pinggan mangkuk..ahaks :) Ditambah pulak dengan set pinggan mangkuk yang my mom borong masa dia study kat US dulu...penuh dah almari..hihi

Here are some informative facts for those who are not so familiar with Corelle :)

What is Corelle?

CORELLE is lightweight, stackable dinnerware that RESISTS BREAKING, CRACKING and CHIPPING.

As CORELLE is heat resistant as well as break resistant, it can be used in microwave oven. But do not heat CORELLE on top of gas, electric and ceramic stovetops, on or near any other direct heating source such as range heat vents, pilot light, open flames, etc even for warming purposes. Do not use CORELLE under broiler/griller, browning element of microwave oven or in a toaster oven.

CORELLE can be used in refrigerator or freezer as well as in microwave oven. For use in freezer, please use with caution as liquid expansion may cause possible pressure for glass to break.

CORELLE is nonporous ; it does not stain or retain odors.

Where to buy?
From my observation, there are so many places such as Jusco, sell Corelle's collection. As for myself, i'm so lucky since my bff,  Pija with her sisters are online dealers/agents for leading kitchen brands -Corelle, Corningware, Pyrex, Visions, Tefal and more. They sell all the items at a very reasonable prices (cheaper from those sell in the shops but same quality). Memang berbaloi. You can visit their fb page Homemakers Shoppe for catalogs and details or if you want to place your order :)


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