Monday, 18 March 2013

BROOKS 10KM Run 2013

Alhamdulillah syukur :) I managed to complete Brooks 10km Run which was held on 3 March 2013 @ National Stadium Bukit Jalil within 1 hour and 30 minutes. I'm  satisfied with my own achievement given that i hardly go for training before the marathon day. But of course, i did control my diet and sleeping pattern/hours. I envy those frequent runners who finished the run within 1 hour. I wish i can be like them but i've tried my best on that day :)

I met my ex-PwCians colleagues, Ady and Firdaus Jamal as well as few Petronas Staff :) 
Seronok dapat jumpa kawan-kawan yang ada minat yang sama ni...boleh share experience and tips..boleh share kepuasan berlari....insya-allah will keep on running selagi mampu :)

Myself with cute mini finisher trophies

Everyone is a winner.. :) 

Just a gentle reminder to all the runners:-
Take care of yourself and do not push too hard if you feel uneasiness during the run. There was one confirmed death from this Brooks Marathon event. 

p/s: I saw it in front of my eyes where few people (also runners) trying their best to save this man. I wasn't allowed to stand there...they asked me to continue my run..i still can hear one of them shouting "he's not breathing"...masa ni i am so scared...masa ni i asked myself am i ready to die? i prepared? masa ni i terfikir, Allah boleh ambil nyawa kita bila-bila masa sahaja..memang rasa insaf sangat2 

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